The Concepts Lab:

Design Thinking & Innovation Workshop

The Future of EV + AV Vehicles
and the Role of Telecom in the Connected Ecosystem

The goals of this half-day workshop were to provide Lucid team members with the skills to:


+ Rapidly ideate

+ Democratically share ideas

+ Leave inspired to continue the design thinking exercises with their home companies.


The workshop allowed the cross-functional team members to expand past the conventional limitations of their company and the current technology by looking towards the possibilities of the future. 


The sequence of each round followed:

+ Team members sketched 5+ ideas individually

+ Vote on the ideas for continued iteration

+ The top three ideas were iterated in smaller groups

+ All the groups then share their top three 

+ Voting was repeated for the top three of nine

+ Team members returned to their companies to iterate on the top three concepts

+ The companies then shared their different takes on the same ideas


This sequence was repeated three times with different topics in mind.  With the repetition of the process, team members became more comfortable with the exercises leaving behind any misconceptions of artistic abilities or lack thereof.


By the end of the 3-hour workshop:

+ Participants were fully engaged in the process

+ 100+ concepts were created

+ All participants left empowered and inspired