Real-Time Payments

The RTP (Real-Time Payments) workstream includes an issuer portal and an admin panel to manage participant profiles
Client Name: Visa

Project Name:

Real-Time Payments

Bank of China | Hong Kong

Admin and Issuer Portals


Issuer Portal: One of two UX Designers

Admin Portal: One of three UX Designers

For markets like HK where the Monetary Authority (HKMA) have mandated the creation, implementation, and adoption of a national payments system through its FPS (Faster Payment System), banks are developing digital experiences that are not necessarily card-driven. Visa sees an opportunity to complement digital retail payments, as part of the Open Banking Initiative, by providing a platform to enable the issuance of a virtual debit or prepaid product without requiring banks to invest heavily in connecting to Visa endpoints. The virtual debit card utilizes Visa's established network of F2F and eCommerce transactions but draws funds real time from consumer bank accounts on the FPS network.

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