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Whistle Pet Profile

Connecting pet owners with pet care providers

Pet-care providers and pet-owners are currently using a wide variety of tools to create and manage their communication and services, ranging from Google calendar to physical calendars to text messages.


A mobile application that allows pet owners to keep comprehensive information about their pet, ranging from healthcare information to emergency contact information in one place, while also allowing them to connect with pet-care providers for any care needs that arise.

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User Survey Info

Our initial hypothesis was that pet care providers wanted a scheduling platform.  We came up with a screener to find the right candidates to interview along with our own interview questions. 


We discovered that the original hypothesis could not be validated.


User interviews clearly displayed that the pain point between owners and providers was in the communication of pet information


Our research told us that the solution would need to bridge the gap between pet service providers and traditional business solutions.


We did a competitive analysis of the perceived competitors given to us by Whistle to see where they fit into this business arena.  After looking at the given competitors, we did not see where Whistle could compete in a scheduling marketplace. From our perspective, the only thing that differentiated Whistle in this business market is with their existing GPS tracking services.  ​After further discussions with our client, it was clear that Whistle was not interested in creating a pet care service, but a customer management system for pet care providers.  We decided to dig deeper to look at customer management systems that other industries use.  Our solution would need to bridge the gap between pet service providers and traditional business solutions.


We came up with two different options to present to our clients that would alleviate the pain point of distribution of care information.



QR code Identification Tag Mockup

Solution One

We created a pet identification tag that would have a QR code that somebody could scan and access all of the pertinent data.  

Solution Two

A premium option that would include the pet portal along with the GPS tracking information for that particular pet. 

Solution Two was decided upon due to the time frame of the project and the ability to give a competitive advantage over Whistle's competition.

Information Architecture
Ideation & Iteration


First Iteration of Service Selection Screen

Design Studio to combine designs
User Testing
First digital prototype




First Digital Iteration
User Flow
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Mid Fidelity Iteration
Alternate Visual Design